Best Overall Japanese on the Upper Westside

images-4The best Japanese overall on the Upper Westside is Gari. Gari has a really delicate way of looking at sushi. The fish cut perfectly, has great ambiance, and the most amazing food. I recommend for a starter dish either the short ribs, or the tuna tar tar. The short ribs has the right amount of tenderness, the most perfect teriaki sauce, and a great production. The tuna tar tar has a nice seaweed cracker to put the tar tar on, and the tuna is seasoned perfectly which makes the tuna and the cracker match perfectly. I also recommend the salmon sushi Gari style, the tuna sushi Gari style, and the eel sushi Gari style. The salmon sushi Gari style is salmon sushi but with sauteed tomatoes which goes amazing with the salmon and rice. The tuna sushi Gari style is tuna sushi with tofu sauce on top (I know tofu, it sounds gross but it’s pretty good). The eel is different than an regular eel roll it’s mashed with eel sauce in it and crunch, and on the bottom is two pieces of avocado and rice. It’s the best!!! I recommend anything at Gari. If you would like to go to Gari it’s on 76th and columbus.


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